Get Involved with Core Sprint

If you have Drupal site-building experience and a laptop, you're invited! Friendly people will be on hand to help.
Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 9:00am to 5:00pm

(Come to the room near the lobby!)

This sprint is intended for first-time contributors. Dozens of mentors will be available to help you get started. If you're not sure where to start contributing, or not even sure about the whole sprint thing, this is for you!

Mentors will be on hand to support new contributors in getting up and running. Pull up a chair and a sprint mentor will help you find ways to contribute to Drupal core on your terms during the sprint. All are welcome! You don't have to be a programmer to participate. (But you sure can be.) We'll help you set up tools like IRC, Git, and a Drupal 8 development environment.

Similar sprints have been held at DrupalCons in PraguePortlandDenverMunich, and Sydney, at NYC Camp in 2012 and 2013, and at many local and regional Drupal events.

(Interested in helping? Please sign up! We still need more mentors.)

Why Come?

If you're like most Drupal developers, you've been telling yourself for months that you should start contributing to Drupal core. This sprint is your chance to get started with in-person training and mentoring from friendly, experienced core contributors. If you've already started to work on core, come meet other contributors, hang out in person, and work on manageable tasks in the Drupal core queue. The goal is to help you help with core.

What's a Sprint?

sprint is a meet-up for focused work. Sprints are crucial for helping the Drupal project and are also a great opportunity to get involved, because others are on hand to help you contribute. At NYC Camp we'll be sprinting all day on Sunday, Apr 13. Come and collaborate in person with hundreds of other Drupal community members! New contributors and people interested in mentoring new sprinters are especially invited. Folks curious about mentoring here or organizing their own local sprint can also come to the Mentoring the Mentors session from 9:00 to 9:50am on Sunday.

Who it's For?

Anyone with Drupal site building experience can contribute to Drupal core. We'll have tasks suitable for programmers and non-programmers alike.

What to Expect?

We'll kick things off with a brief introduction, and then we'll help match people with issues that are right for their skill levels and areas of interest. Free training is also provided to help new contributors set up a development environment and learn about the contribution process.

What to Bring?

  1. An interest in Drupal contribution
  2. A laptop with a Drupal 8 development environment

How to Get Setup?

Don't have your development environment yet? No problem! Come to the Community Tools Workshop for help getting everything set up. Additional support will also be available onsite.

Setting up a Drupal 8 Environment

You're also encouraged to set up your Drupal 8 development environment on your own if you prefer. Here's what you'll need:

  1. An account on
  2. Dreditor, a browser plugin for Firefox and Chrome.
  3. An IRC client like ChatZilla, a browser plugin, Pidgin for Linux and Windows, Adium for Macs.
  4. A shell (a.k.a. command line). Macs have Terminal in Applications/Utilities. For Windows, cygwin is common.
  5. A local web server. Some options:
  6. A code-friendly text editor. (Sublime Text 2 is a free, cross-platform text editor.)
  7. Git (install and configurevideo).

Also recommended


Who you'll meet, Sprint leads


  • Elijah Lynn (Elijah Lynn)
  • Eric Sod (esod)
  • Frank Carey (Frank Carey)
  • Ian Finlay (ijf8090)
  • jason davis
  • Jeff Markel (jmarkel)
  • Joseph Robinson (Drethic)
  • Robert Anthony Bellamy (rabellamy)
  • Reuben Avery (reubenavery)
  • Scott Rigby (scottrigby)
  • Scott Wolpow (scottwolpow)
  • You?

Want to Help Mentor?

Are you already familiar with setting up a development environment or with the core contribution process? Want to help other contributors? We need lots of mentors to work with our first-time contributors.

Sign up to help! Contact Fureigh or Irene if you have any questions.


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