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What is a "Summit"?

NYC Camp features a full day of "summits." What is a summit exactly? 

Basically, a summit brings together a group of people united by an interest in a common domain area, to discuss and share notes and practices. Depending on the topic area of interest, summit formats span a gamut from purely roundtable discussions to highly structured forums with an agenda and presentations, etc. 

Summits strive to identify and answer common questions that the participants have in their shared area of interest. The summit format allows for any number of 'modes' from plenary or panel discussions to presentations; the particular mix of modes that a summit uses varies by what the domain/topic is being discussed.  Summits often make use of break-out groups to discuss specific sub-topics. Often, these break-out groups will report back on their findings to the summit attendees at large. 

This year's NYC Camp will feature summits on the following topics: 

Summits in Drupal were originally based around discussions of 'core' (ie Drupal's main codebase which is extended through contribution.)  Core summits were thus an assembly of core maintainers meeting to discuss the roadmap for Drupal code. NYC Camp this year will also host a core summit, which is intended for those developers who are actively contributing to Drupal core.  

For more detail information please see the full Friday Summit Day Schedule, which will be added here shortly. 

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