Open Atrium

Learning the Open Atrium collaboration tool
Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 9:00am to 5:00pm

If you are interested in the following:

  • Learning how to set up a site using Open Atrium
  • Learning how to use Open Atrium as a social collaboration tool
  • Learning how to get involved with the Open Atrium development community
  • Learning how to use and configure popular Drupal modules such as Views, Panels, Media, and Organic Groups

You should come to the Open Atrium training! Here is some more detail about the course:



A) Overview of Collaboration Software
A.1) What is Collaboration Software?
A.2) The Major Players vs Open Source
A.3) Business Use Cases
A.4) Where does Open Atrium 2 fit?
A.5) Who uses Open Atrium?

B) Overview of Open Atrium 2
B.1) Terminology
B.2) Basic functionality/features

C) Information Architecture (IA)
C.1) Planning your IA
C.2) Is your IA a good match for OA2?
C.3) Architecting your site

D) Deeper dive into OA2
D.1) Building Spaces
D.2) Subdividing into Sections
D.3) Access control Groups
D.4) Sub-spaces
D.5) Team collaboration
D.6) Members and Admins
D.7) Controlling Page Layout
D.8) Layout Templates
D.9) Discussion Forums & Replies
D.10) Media Attachments
D.11) Messages & Notifications
D.12) Email handling
D.13) Wiki documents
D.14) Knowledge base menus
D.15) Taxonomy
D.16) Events
D.17) Calendars
D.18) Geolocation
D.19) Command buttons
D.20) Widgets
D.21) Space configuration

E) Installing OA2
E.1) Hands-on installation
E.2) Converting your IA into Spaces, Groups, Sections
E.3) Building custom landing pages
E.4) Exploring Widgets
E.5) Managing Users

F) Plugins
F.1) Community Plugins
F.2) Using existing Drupal modules
F.3) Making a module "OA2 aware"
F.4) Custom Widgets
F.5) Customizing the Theme
F.6) Creating custom templates

G) Wrap up
G.1) Roadmap for Open Atrium 2
G.2) Community involvement

Who will gain the most from this course?

Anyone interested in implementing an open source collaboration framework will benefit from this course.

Prerequisites for this course

Basic Drupal site building knowledge recommended, but not required.

Experience Level


Drupal Version

Drupal 7

Meet Your Open Atrium Trainer:

Mike Potter has is the Project Architect for Open Atrium and has been a Drupal developer for over six years.  He has given this training successfully at CapitalCamp 2013 and BADCamp 2013.  He has produced nearly a dozen Open Atrium training webinars available online, including a webinar for the Drupal Association.  He has given sessions at DrupalCon Denver and Portland and spoken at numerous camps.  Mike Potter is also the maintainer of the Features module.



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