About NYC Camp

A Sprint-Centric Mini-DrupalCon in NYC

NYC Camp (pronounced "nice camp") is a sprint-centric mini-con focused on accelerated learning and ensuring attendees can contribute back.

NYC Camp tickets are free. Our target attendance for NYC Camp is limited to 1,000 attendees.

One of our major goals is to help attendees accelerate their learning. In particular, we're bringing together some of the most active minds in open source to help devs move past the plateau many encounter and surmount the learning curve to get from an intermediate level to advanced. We're also providing a free training day to help beginners overcome the initial learning curve .

NYC Camp includes many great activities:

  • Training for beginners and decisions makers on Thursday,
  • Summits with cased studies and knowledge-sharing on Friday,
  • Fun evening social events on Friday and Saturday,
  • Lots of sessions on Saturday (focused on beginner & expert content),
  • Insightful keynotes on Saturday, and
  • Awesome sprints & contrib events on Sunday.

Thanks to generous support from the United Nations, NYC Camp will be held at the UN's global headquarters in mid-town Manhattan this year. 

If you have questions or concerns please contact the NYC Camp organizing team at info@nyccamp.org.

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