Job Fair / Talent Mixer

Drupal Talent Mixer
Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 5:15pm to 6:00pm

At NYC Camp 2014, we will again be hosting a Job Fair/Talent Mixer, bringing companies and organizations that are looking for Drupalists, mixing them with Drupalists who are looking for interesting and meaningful projects. As one of the largest Drupal events in the world, NYC Camp offers a great set of technological resources for both organizations and technologists, offering a great center that offers a robust talent pool.

The Talent Mixer/Job Fair space will serve as a facilitator and networking area, together with amenities, providing an environment where seekers for talent or opportunities can discuss. Small tables and chairs, set up like a café. Facilitators will be on hand to guide the networkers!

The Job Fair is open to all attendees -- If you are looking for work or for employees, you are welcome. There are also special benefits for Partners attending the job fair in the "A Message for our Partners" section below.

Click here to see a list of jobs posted by NYC Camp 2014 partners

Objectives for Organizations/Companies

  1. Finding Right Fit: Help define the organization’s requirements to find the right talent, by helping identify what kind of needs exist. For example, for a non-profit, their work is usually project-based, but a Drupal-services company may require a full-time employee.

  2. How to Navigate the Drupal Community: Facilitate their navigation through NYC Camp and other events like the Drupal Cons, including tips as to how to identify the best fit.

Objectives for Drupalist

  1. Provide leads with interested companies or organizations that may match skill sets.

  2. Encourage contact with like-minded companies or non-profit organizations that have a similar mission outlook.

If you’re a company looking for Drupal talent or have a Drupal project that needs staffing or resources, please send us your job description in advance to

This year's Job Fair will be facilitated by Craig Leinoff. If you have any questions or comments, please contact him directly.

A Message for Partners Regarding the 2014 Job Fair:

Tables at the Job Fair

While the Job Fair itself is completely open to all attendees, we've got a couple perks for NYC Camp Partners. If you're a Lead, Core, Summit, or Contributing partner, let us know in advance and we'll make sure to have a table near the Job Fair entrance exclusively for you. You'll be allowed to lay out informational handouts, pamphlets, magnets, or other little tchotchkes and things like that if you bring them. As well, feel free to bring a reasonably-sized standy sign to place on your table if you have one.

We will be providing a separate, shared table near the entrance to be used as a group space for all other Partners to place any of their own marketing collateral.

One request is for all our friends attending the job fair to please be considerate both of the other potential employers and of the United Nations policies on advertisements in the UNHQ premises. That is: we've been told that usually no marketing materials are allowed, whatsoever, and they're making slight allowances for us to provide value to our partners.

Please do your best to keep any handouts reasonably conservative and tasteful. ...Ideally no one will show up handing out noise-making propeller beanies. (Although, if you've already ordered them ... Please save one for Craig.)

Job Postings & Resumes

Another perk for our NYC Camp partners is that we're attempting to collect Resumes for all interested individuals through the website or send to, as well as aggregate a list of specific job openings provided by our partners. We hope to be able to provide partners with information on the top talent attending and potentially facilitate a few real connections by the end of the weekend.

Lastly, let us reiterate that this event is open to all NYC Camp attendees. Not just partners. And I hope you'll appreciate that this will actually be better for you in the long run. The real goal of the Job Fair is to provide the largest possible pool of real talent for both our job seekers and job promoters.

As appreciative as we are for all the support of our Partners, and as much as we want to give you guys more exclusives, the legitimacy and quality of our job fair will be measured solely on how well-connected we can make our attendees. To do that, we need as many excellent people as we can get. The more people who find the job or employee of their dreams, the more able to help connect our partners in the future. We want to make this a cycle of success, and our partners today will be the elder statesmen in the community next year!


5:15pm - 6:00pm
Drupal Talent Mixer

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