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NYC CAMP attracts a wide audience from Drupal beginners to experienced experts. We accept presentations geared to any level of experience. You will be asked to specify your audience--beginner, intermediate or advanced--when you submit your proposal.
Session Speakers Level

Nailed, not 'tacked on.' Designing the client experience of adopting a new website

How hard is it for employees of a client organization to adopt their new site after launch, and settle into performing their new tasks with confidence? What role in adoption is played by learning...

Kay V All Levels

!Drupal: The Meteor Framework

This talk is about something different: Meteor, a JavaScript web framework. Here are some of the cooler things about it:

Gaelan All Levels

"Code, Test, Review, Review, Test, Release, ... and Repeat" this is how we Develop as a Team

This session will talk about Developing a custom project as a Team. We'll cover a common workflow for developing projects. We'll go over how to use git and github for the management of branches...

douggreen Intermediate

"Lush life"

Lush is one of the best known brands in the UK and has over 500 shops in 50 countries around the World.

Richard Jones All Levels

30 Drupal 8 API Functions You Should Already Know

Session video:

fmitchell Advanced

5 Outdated UX Patterns That Are Losing You Money!

You're throwing money away on bad UX! No really, you are! There are a ton of UX patterns that are fairly common throughout the web that, as it turns out, are bad for business!

Snugug All Levels

7 Tricks to Make Site Maintainers Happy

For site builders the site maintainer is the most important person to impress. Succeed and they will be your advocate for life, their Drupal site will flourish and you will achieve geek nirvana....

schiavone All Levels

7 Tricks to Make Site Maintainers Happy

For site builders the site maintainer is the most important person to impress. Succeed and they will your advocate for life, their Drupal site will flourish and you will achieve geek nirvana.

schiavone All Levels

A Bitcoin Paradigm in a Drupal World

In the past year Bitcoin has been in the media quite often and it's still a relatively new type of technology that is only a few years old.

duckx All Levels

A Brief History of Drupal

As Drupal passes the 1,000,000 site mark, let’s pause to celebrate how we got here

agentrickard Beginner

A Complete Guide to Being the Best Drupal Shop on the Planet

With so many Drupal services organizations cropping up every day, everyone is faced with the challenge of understanding how they can separate themselves from the pack with limited resources, time...

webkenny All Levels

A year at the com: A developers journey into leadership

So you're thinking of taking the leap and going from being a developer to a director (or similar role) but you aren't quite sure? This session is for you. Thinking of promoting that rockstar...

mirzu All Levels

Able Organizer

AbleOrganizer is a community engagement platform designed to conduct fundraising, event registration, petition and volunteer engagement campaigns.

techsoldaten All Levels

Accepting Bitcoin payments on your Drupal Commerce Website

There are many advantages to adding Bitcoin support to your Drupal Commerce website. Unlike credit cards, Bitcoin is a technology designed for the Internet.

jbrown All Levels

Acquia Drupal Solutions

jakubsuchy All Levels

Adding Drupal Commerce to Existing Sites

Many people are familiar with Commerce Kickstart for building new commerce sites, but what about adding Commerce to existing sites?  In this session, we will show step-by-step how to add Drupal...

nvahalik All Levels

Agile Product Development: A Journey Through Uncharted Waters

At BioRAFT we are using agile product development methodologies, techniques and approaches.  Our current process evolved after much retrospection.  As a growing team, it was imperative that we...

dcor Beginner

American Red Cross - Designing for Disasters, An Iterative Progression Towards a More Prepared World

The American Red Cross wanted a place for their team and partners to collaborate and grow the knowledge base around disaster preparedness topics and information.

chazchumley, mhackner All Levels

An Integrated Approach Towards Migrating a Mature Non-profit Site

Using various Web metrics and other third party tools, this talk is for Webmasters and business stakeholders in determining key points for migrating a mature Web site.

abenamer Beginner

Apps & Start-Up Summit Lighting Round

Our next-to-last time slot on the schedule will be used to informally set a schedule of Lightning Round Talks (5-15 mins) or Birds of a Feather (BoF) discussion where we cover and new or...
kvantomme All Levels


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