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NYC CAMP attracts a wide audience from Drupal beginners to experienced experts. We accept presentations geared to any level of experience. You will be asked to specify your audience--beginner, intermediate or advanced--when you submit your proposal.
Session Speakers Level

Coding Away from Corners: An Iterative Approach to Development

When writing new code it’s easy to go overboard and engineer the crap out of something that truly doesn't need it. Spending time making your module into the most robust API the world has ever seen...

Dandrews All Levels

Cointools: Drupal & Bitcoin == $awesome

Satoshi's invention of the blockchain in 2009 is a revolutionary breakthrough in computer science. Everything has to be re-evaluated through this new lens. Suddenly it is possible to do things...

jbrown All Levels

Collaborative Product Development Within The Drupal Community

With the growth and acceptance of Drupal in the marketplace, now is the opportunity to come together in ways that can disrupt the market while creating success for yourselves.

smohanz All Levels

Commerce Summit Lighting Round

Out next-to-last time slot on the schedule will be used to informally set a schedule of Lightning Round Talks (5-15 mins) or Birds of a Feather (BoF) discussion where we cover and new or...
RossRN All Levels

Commerce Summit Plenary & Intros

We will kick-off the day by discussing the key themes of the summit and introduction of the attendees.

RossRN, nvahalik All Levels

Commerce Summit Wrap-Up

We'll wrap-up the summit by re-capping the day, and setting some goals for future Commerce-focused events in Drupal. In particular, we'll be discussing:
  • ...
RossRN All Levels

Content Migration: A First Timer's Impressions and Lessons Learned

Content Migrations are not easy tasks from many perspectives.

johnbburg All Levels

Conversations with Architects about Drupal

Information Architect, Solutions Architect, Software Architect, Systems Architect - these titles, now commonplace in our industry, borrow from a much older, established industry: Architecture.

jtray All Levels

Crowd Sourcing International Permaculture Aid Workers

Extreme permaculture aid work in disaster & war zones: genocide in East Timor, tsunami Aceh, typhoon Phillipines, climate war Uganda

niccolo All Levels


Since March 2011, the community has been hard at work on Drupal 8, which is currently undergoing active development.

webchick All Levels

Debugging Drupal: An intro into Drupal and xDebug

When Drupal works it works, and when it breaks… it really breaks.

mikemiles86 Beginner

Decoupling Drupal - Data Engineering To Make Sense Of Unstructured Data Representing A Million Voices For The United Nations

The session will cover various aspects such as visualization of linked data and also discuss the road map to implement visualizations to help identify key influencers in conversations, bi-axial...

smohanz All Levels

Demo Framework: How we pitch Drupal to potential clients

Over the past year, we've pushed the limits of Drupal creating the Demo Framework.

brantwynn All Levels

Design and Development: Two Teams, One Goal

4 years ago we parted ways with our Creative Director.  We would partner with design firms, relieving them of the technical side of the project.  In turn, we would focus on what we did best...

Ethan Worrel All Levels

Designing (and Theming) for Performance

Some of the most aesthetically pleasing sites are also the slowest, but you don’t have to limit yourself to square corners and solid background colors to speed up your Drupal site.

mdorman Intermediate

Designing Spaces for Drupal

This session is a design-focused look at how to approach a variety of different kinds of spaces and how Drupal integrates spaces both large and small. How can we use space to our advantage when...

prestonso All Levels

Developing locally with virtual machines

An important part of developing is doing it where it won't affect anyone else. Usually that means doing it first on your own machine. However most people don't have a computer that exactly matches...

wwhurley Intermediate

Developing Web Applications with Drupal

Recent proliferation of smartphones and tablet devices is due at least in part to the advent of apps, which customize and streamline user experience in a variety of usage scenarios.

wwhurley Intermediate

Development, By The Numbers

Quite often we hear people talking about how to write better code, how to build systems better or how to leverage new technologies to produce better software.

ircmaxell Intermediate

DevShop: Drupal DevOps in a Box

Do you love the idea of "dev-ops", but can't justify all of the work it takes to set it up? Do you yearn to use Pantheon or Acquia Cloud hosting, but can't for one reason or another?

Jon Pugh All Levels


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