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NYC CAMP attracts a wide audience from Drupal beginners to experienced experts. We accept presentations geared to any level of experience. You will be asked to specify your audience--beginner, intermediate or advanced--when you submit your proposal.
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DKAN: The Open Data Distribution for Drupal

Open data publishing is a hot global technology trend, and a business priority in government and the private sector alike.

ahoppin All Levels

Do Multi-site Like the Pros

Drupal's multi-site architecture allows you to share a single Drupal platform (core, contributed modules and themes) among several sites.

ergonlogic Intermediate

Don't Get Lost in the Woods: An Intro to Search API

Drupal comes with a core search module, but building an easy-to-use search interface that works well takes a bit more work.

pixelite Intermediate Rebuilt From the Ground Up

In 2013, realized they needed to rethink everything about their web platform to support their strategic goals.
mshmsh5000 All Levels

Drulenium - Automated Visual Testing

Ever wondered why your website breaks each time you add a new feature or on site upgrade? Want to automate testing on your site? don't know coding? No Problem! Testing made easy by Drulenium!!...

TechNikh All Levels

Drupal & Dungeons & Dragons

Drupal & Dungeons & Dragons: Solving Real-World Data Management Problems

tobby All Levels

Drupal 8 core is more multilingual than Drupal 7 with all of contrib

Almost a thousand people participated in the issues around improving multilingual features and APIs in Drupal 8 for the past three years.

Gábor Hojtsy Intermediate

Drupal 8 Development Workflow

If you're a developer watching the progression of Drupal 8, no doubt you've heard about the "Configuration Management Initiative" (CMI).

rbayliss Advanced

Drupal 8 Theme System: hook_theme() to Twig template

The Twig templating engine is in Drupal 8 and has generated a lot of excitement.

Cottser, joelpittet Intermediate

Drupal 8 Theming

We have all heard the buzz surrounding "Drupal 8" and the new theming engine. There are only a few examples of how Twig works and what changes you will need to be prepared for when you first begin...

chazchumley All Levels

Drupal 8: The Challenges Ahead

Drupal 8 is approaching beta and so the API should be done more or less. There are already a large number of tutorials teaching you how to write this or that.

chx Advanced

Drupal 8: Where did the code go?

In addition to rewriting some important subsystems, or adopting external components, a lot of code in Drupal 8 is pretty much the same but just re-organized into new locations.

pwolanin Intermediate

Drupal and Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI) is the practice, in software engineering, of merging all developer working copies with a shared mainline several times a day [1].

humansky Intermediate

Drupal and the adaptive interface

There has been a lot of activity recently in the Drupal community and elsewhere around personalization and targeting as used by marketers to generate traffic or conversions on their sites.

koleary Intermediate

Drupal as an Amazon Web Services Native App

When most people think about Drupal in "The Cloud" they think of running virtual servers that share storage using a network file system. These servers are otherwise provisioned and deployed in a...

jslatts Advanced

Drupal Chef - Bork Bork Bork!

Opscode Chef is an open source systems integration framework, meant to reduce "one off" server building, allowing scalable architecture to be easily replicated, but also to allowing you to keep...

sethcohn All Levels

Drupal Cloud Edition: API-First Architecture

Drupal is the best content management system in the world. Period. Drupal was able to achieve this outstanding position by always being at the leading edge of the architectural thinking.

irakli Intermediate

Drupal Coalition Building

This session will be an open dialogue exploring Drupal and open source coaliltion building.

mbyrnes All Levels

Drupal Commerce Demo

An in depth walkthrough of the best features of Acquia's commerce demo, and discussion of how to leveral Drupal to do Commerce, including great designs/theming, product catalogs, and user friendly... All Levels

Drupal Development Best Practices & Building Sites on Pantheon

Are you interested in how to use Pantheon to its fullest? Embrace the version control, including git branching using Pantheon's Multidev technology. Learn how to create a high performance Drupal...

populist All Levels


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