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NYC CAMP attracts a wide audience from Drupal beginners to experienced experts. We accept presentations geared to any level of experience. You will be asked to specify your audience--beginner, intermediate or advanced--when you submit your proposal.
Session Speakers Level

Drupal for Bi-Directional Publishing: Web-to-Print and Print-to-Web

For many traditional publishers, it can take years to effect the transition in fully embracing digital. Many have made the move to sites with responsive designs but are still struggling with...

cmsdave All Levels

Drupal for Business Professionals

This session is for business leaders, institutional administrators, procurement specialists, and managers who need to understand the basics of how to think about and run a successful Drupal project...
Kirschbaum Beginner

Drupal for Designer's Minds

UI, UX and Interaction Design with end users in mind.
Tips and guides to help you decipher Drupal from a designer's perspective, and to aid in the transition of Drupal to your clients...

viviana All Levels

Drupal Government + Q&A

Join Drupal Developer and New York York City Council Member Ben Kallos in a discussion on using Drupal for Government.  The session will review opportunities for Federal, State and City...

BenKallos All Levels

Drupal is not your website: Develop for high-scale, fragmented sites

A modern, high-scale Web site is a composite of decentralized fragments that are assembled on the edge, in just-in-time fashion as the content is being delivered to users.

tobby Beginner

Drupal Search & NodeJS

I would like to talk about how we improved search performance at MSLO. 

SpaJenniOs Beginner

Drupal Search and The Power of Solr

The Apache Solr Search module provides integration with the (free, open-source) Apache Solr server.

pwolanin All Levels

Drupal Security

bjeavons, mlhess All Levels

Drupal Security Made Easy

This presentation introduces the concepts of security testing and principals, OWASP top 10, types of threats and provides a framework for development of a secured website.

kristat Advanced

Drupal Training for UN Decision Makers

Our collaborative notes from the session are available at (trello board)

Kay V All Levels

Drupal Unlikely Superhero

horncologne All Levels

Drupal workflow, security and hosting best practices and Pantheon

JeffPflueger, joshk All Levels

Drupal's Destiny

Drupal has grown over the past decade from dorm-room project to a CMS powerhouse. Now that the project seems to be on the edge of glory, what does the future hold?

joshk Intermediate

Drush for fun and profit

As an experienced Drupal site-builder or developer, you're obviously already familiar with Drush and some of its myriad extensions.

ergonlogic Advanced

Entities, Bundles, and Fields: You need to understand this!

The concepts of Entities, Bundles and Fields underlay much of Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 functionality.

All Levels

Extending Personalization with personalize.module plug-ins.

Over the past year, Acquia has been working on building a set of functionality for doing personalization, testing and targeting for both anonymous and authenticated users in Drupal.

katbailey, Dave.Ingram Advanced

Fearless Development with Vagrant

You've most likely heard of Vagrant by now.

ergonlogic Intermediate

For the love of the content editors

The devil is in the details when creating a content management system, but it's the details that often get left out.

pameeela All Levels

From Drop to Tidal Wave: the Aegir Hosting System

This session has become a  BoF.

ergonlogic Intermediate

From Drupal consultant to product company: the scenic route to freedom

As a consultant there are only 2 ways to grow your business: A) Hire (more) consultants B) Increase what you charge your customers. If you don't want to be limited to these...

kvantomme All Levels


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