Proposed & Pending Sessions

NYC CAMP attracts a wide audience from Drupal beginners to experienced experts. We accept presentations geared to any level of experience. You will be asked to specify your audience--beginner, intermediate or advanced--when you submit your proposal.
Session Speakers Level

From User Personas to Testing: A Project Manager's Journey with Behat

With a strong desire to reduce our technical & product debt, or at the very least stop adding more, our team explored options to optimize our QA process.

miche Beginner

From Zero to Git

Taking the mystery out of Git:
This is an absolute beginner’s guide to Git.

scottwolpow Beginner

Go Go Gadget... Module!

You need to build a professional site and have requirements.


What modules do you use to get it done?

kholloway All Levels

Govalytics Powered by MongoDB and Drupal

In the Big Data age, building tools for collecting analytics in real-time is becoming a critical asset for businesses. MongoDB's schema free data model and data aggregation functionality...

ianmariano All Levels

Government CIO Panel: How We View Open-Source, CMS, and Drupal

Our CIO panel will be comprised of three current and former CIO/CTOs in New York City and State that have successfully adopted Drupal inside their Agencies.

ahoppin, robertvitello, AirCordell All Levels

Higher Ed BoF

nflowers1228 All Levels

Higher Ed BoF II

nflowers1228 All Levels

Higher Ed Closing: Recap & Evaluation

thicknrich All Levels

Higher Ed Special Topics

  • YaleSites Distribution - Nancy Flowers
  • Migrating University Websites - Lauren Kelly
  • edX - Nikhil Dubbaka
Lauren Kelly All Levels

Higher Ed Special Topics II

  • ReCourser.Com - Benjamin Horst
  • Analytics for Higher Ed - Dave Sawyer
  • UN Unite Initiative - Lambert Hogenhout
bhorst All Levels

How to Build a Search Interface with Drupal

Drupal websites are ideal for handling lots of content, and as soon as you have a lot of content, you're probably going to need a search interface. Often, search is neglected, and Drupal's built-...

pixelite All Levels

How to Collaboratively Develop a Product in the Drupal Community

There are many business problems that need to be solved across different verticals.

smohanz Intermediate

How to get more leads integrating Drupal with Pardot

njmahesh Beginner

How to harden your Drupal servers the Linux way

 As Drupal continues to penetrate the CMS marketplace, customers especially in the goverment sector, will be exerting considerable pressure on server security exploitation mitigations.

likewhoa All Levels

Image Manipulation in Drupal

Auto-cropped, scaled, retina, responsive images. Easy, right? Well, yes and no.

bleen18 Intermediate

Increase Conversions on Your Drupal Website

<p dir="ltr"><span>Drupal offers many tools for generating leads and driving conversions - from the default user registration screen to contributed modules like Webforms and Commerce...

zfactor All Levels

ING U.S. Drupal Story

ING U.S. has been using Drupal for the past 4 years and are currently in the process of rebranding as Voya Financial by the end of 2014.  The session will cover how ING U.S.

mwetmore All Levels

Integrating Google Analytics with your Drupal 7 site

Google analytics provides an extraordinarily rich and dynamic set of business intelligence tools.

trainingcity All Levels

Internationalization: Music to Our Ears

Launching a multilingual website for the massess to support the 14th annual LatinGRAMMY Awards

jhorocks All Levels

Introducing the Drupal 8 Console scaffolding module generator

Every modern framework nowadays provides a scaffolding tool code generator for speeding up the process of starting a new project and avoid the repetitive tasks.

jmolivas Intermediate


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