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NYC CAMP attracts a wide audience from Drupal beginners to experienced experts. We accept presentations geared to any level of experience. You will be asked to specify your audience--beginner, intermediate or advanced--when you submit your proposal.
Session Speakers Level

Mr Bean and Brackets

Would you dream about having awesome Development development environment?

Mahesh will talk about Brackets IDE for Front-end Development:

BryanRice, njmahesh Intermediate

Multilingual Drupal

NYC Camp All Levels

Multilingual Site Setup and Management

Multilingual was an afterthought in the design of Drupal 7. Luckily, there has been a significant effort within the community that now makes it possible and even simple.

robertdbailey Intermediate

NGO / NP Summit Intros

Easily the most important part of the day, attendees will introduce themselves and there will be some sort of network building ice breaker.

mbyrnes Beginner


akucharski All Levels

Node 101 - UN Intro to Drupal

NYC Camp All Levels

Open Aid

juaneclark All Levels

Open data and human development: Building a seamless Drupal-Socrata website experience

In 2013, the UNDP Human Development Report Office paired up with Socrata to rebuild its website in Drupal and create Socrata-powered country data pages.

Eleonore Fournier-Tombs Beginner

Open edX: Drupal as Front end

edX's open source initiative – Open edX – is where developers around the globe are working to...

TechNikh All Levels

OpenAid: A Drupal Distribution for Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organizations

When faced with limited budgets and in-house technical skills, NPO/NGO organizations oftentimes find themselves locked into websites that are confining, limiting the ability to establish an...

cedewey All Levels

OpenShift and Drupal: A story of true open source collaboration and innovation

The success of Open Source technology is dependant on collaboration, contribution and innovation.

Diane Mueller, Steven Merrill All Levels

Outside the Drupal Box: Competing with Slim, Mustache, Leaflet, and Mongo

These days, diversifying your development knowledge can provide the edge you need to land your dream job, but how do you develop new skills when you are primarily developing with Drupal in your...

fmitchell All Levels

Painless Transitions - Migrating a University website to a custom responsive, flexible, scalable Drupal platform

Like many Universities facing tightening budgets, the University of New England web team was told that they needed to switch their site from their current proprietary CMS (Commonspot) to the...

Lauren Kelly Intermediate

Paraphrasing Panels, Panelizer and Panopoly

Panels, Panelizer and Panopoly can seem a bit overwhelming but this session will go over the best features of each one and how they can be invaluable tools.

kholloway Intermediate

Personalizing Experiences: How-to Test, Target and Personalize inside Drupal

Over the past year, Acquia has been working on building a set of functionality for doing personalization, testing and targeting for both anonymous and authenticated users in Drupal. The...

Dave.Ingram All Levels

PHP at Density and Scale

Mixing performance, configurability, density, and security at scale has, historically, been hard with PHP. Early approaches have involved CGIs, suhosin, or multiple Apache instances. Then came PHP...

David Strauss Advanced

Point North

What are your standards?

Snugug All Levels

Power to the People – Supporting Drupal in a Distributed Environment

 Yale University is not unique in its needs to develop and support a platform for web publishing across campus. Supporting a large diverse community in their site building endeavors can be...

nflowers1228 All Levels

Powering Your API with Drupal 8

Drupal 8 comes with built-in Web Services, the official 8 promotion page is proud to say, but what does that mean for you...

mlncn All Levels

Reinventing the Proposal

Nobody likes proposals. Web companies hate them because they make commitments before all the information has been gathered. Customers don't like them because they're short on details and contain a...

schiavone All Levels


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