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NYC CAMP attracts a wide audience from Drupal beginners to experienced experts. We accept presentations geared to any level of experience. You will be asked to specify your audience--beginner, intermediate or advanced--when you submit your proposal.
Session Speakers Level

Requirements Gathering For Fun and (Non)Profit

Gathering requirements is equal parts art and science, and the success of your entire project depends on it. No matter what project methodology you're following, there are some simple rules that...

tfish77 Intermediate

Responsive E-mail Design and Theming

An intensive look at responsive e-mail design and theming in Drupal. How can we design e-mails responsively so they work across all clients? What are some of the limitations we face in coding...

prestonso Intermediate

RFP to Launch: Fostering a Healthy Relationship with Your Vendor

jtray All Levels

Robin Chase

We are fortunate to have Robin Chase delivering our evening keynote. 

Robin Chase is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of the last decade.

rchase All Levels

Securing Your Drupal Site

Drupal is a powerful content management and like most powerful things it needs good security! Come to this talk to learn best practices for securing your Drupal site and understand how to prevent...

populist Beginner

Small > Big (and other stories)

As software engineers, it's easy to put on blinders and think about code as just...well, code. Some unique, special snowflake with its own rules, with little to be learned from other systems.

sdboyer Intermediate

Small BoF Discussions: NGO / NPO Summit

hanpersand All Levels

Successful Large Drupal Site built by a remote team

By presenting the case study of the largest Latin American music digital magazine, we will present some strategies that we used to launch a state of the art Drupal website, in a record 4...

c3, fcornejo All Levels

Take A Guided Tour of is a critical resource for anyone working with Drupal. However, for the new--and sometimes even for the not-so-new--Drupalist, the sheer scale of can make it intimidating and...

amycham Beginner


NYC Camp All Levels

Test-Driven Drupal

How to write tests and testable code

evolvingweb Advanced

Test-Driven Drupal using Docker

Ever upgraded a Drupal website? Then you've probably spent hours waiting for your upgrade to run, tracking down whether each feature was upgraded correctly, and manually comparing the old version...

evolvingweb Advanced

The Challenges of writing a Drupal 8 Book

We have all been waiting for Drupal 8 to Drop (No pun attended). While most can play around with the Alphas and Betas and even being developing Drupal 8 websites, we don't quite know for sure...

chazchumley All Levels

The Discovery Channel

Content Management System: the name makes bold claims.
Can an organization can inject all its content this a magic box, see it sifted through a new system of management, and put a bow on it...

Andrew_Mallis All Levels

The Drupal Commerce Ecosystem

A discussion of the Drupal Commerce ecosystem, including the:

nvahalik, All Levels

The Foundations of Being Sassy in Drupal

"The Foundations of Being Sassy with Drupal" is a talk about utilizing the Foundation framework and Sass together in Drupal harmony.

mealeyst Intermediate

The Great Migration- How Top Publishing Companies Are Preparing for Drupal 8

With the full release of Drupal 8, and the drop off of Drupal 6 support, organizations with existing sites in Drupal 6 need to plan their migrations.

fhaynes All Levels

The guide to a great enterprise Drupal site: Leads, Testing & SEO

This session will focus on management of your enterprise Drupal site.

katefogarty All Levels

The Marketers' Case for Drupal

Digital marketers demand greater agility and interoperability from their platforms as they adapt to the rapidly changing web. Drupal is proving itself again and again as a leading platform for Web...

katefogarty All Levels

The Open Source Way

The odds are that if you are reading this, that you have used or are interested in opensource software.

sanguis All Levels


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