Proposed & Pending Sessions

NYC CAMP attracts a wide audience from Drupal beginners to experienced experts. We accept presentations geared to any level of experience. You will be asked to specify your audience--beginner, intermediate or advanced--when you submit your proposal.
Session Speakers Level

The Power of the Dark Side: What Drupalers Can Learn from WordPress

The Drupal community has a long history of small, independent agencies providing development and consulting services.

xmattus Intermediate

The State of Media In Drupal

A brief high-level discussion of some of plans and priorities for improving Media in Drupal 8 (through contrib), and evenually Drupal 9 (ideally in core).

jcisio, slashrsm All Levels

Timex on Drupal Commerce All Levels

To Patch Contrib or Write a Custom Module: When to know which path to follow.

To use a contrib module, patch a contrib module or write a custom module, that is the question. With over 25,000 contrib modules available for download it is rare to find one that does not offer...

mikemiles86 Beginner

Turning your (existing) site into a mobile-first site

Building for mobile is easy, especially if you're building a new site from scratch. But what do you do if you have an existing Drupal site and you want to make it mobile friendly?

tobby All Levels

Understanding XHProf: Pinpointing why your site is slow and how to fix it

Stop guessing about why your site isn't meeting performance goals. XHProf is the tool that can tell you precisely where time is spent generating a page so that you can focus on surgically targeted...

ezra-g Intermediate

Unfeaturizing Distributions

This session is a proposal, and a proof-of-concept how-to, for moving Features from Drupal distributions (packages defined by installation profiles like COD) to implementations (...

scottrigby, sdboyer Intermediate

Using Drupal for Less == More Success

Drupal is great. Drupal is fun and profit for many of us. But Drupal is not always the answer for every question.

srjosh Beginner

Using Panels Wisely

Panels is a popular module for creating landing pages, managing layouts, and developing dynamic pages through the user interface.

pixelite Beginner

UX Design for Content Management Systems

Knowing who you're designing for is a vital part of every UX project. But what happens when you're not just designing for end users, i.e. site visitors, but also:
• Content creators?

danigrrl Intermediate

Varnish Fixes Everything: Practical Approaches in the Varnish Configuration Language

Everyone knows that the unofficial motto of Drupal is, "There's a module for that!" But everyone also knows that the fastest way to having the slowest site is to install every module under the sun...

BMDan Beginner

Views Clues

Views is one of the most powerful modules available but also one of the most complex ones. After my first attempt at using Views, I was sure there was no need for it. Today I can't live without it...

nflowers1228 Beginner

VoipDrupal - Your Site and a Regular Phone...

This is an introduction to VoipDrupal and how you can use it on your site to allow visitors to call and receive information - or reach a conference line or setup a PBX style system where the...

freescholar All Levels

Web Analytics for Drupal Sites: From Best Practices to Advanced Tracking

Web analytics are an essential part of any Drupal project. Analytics not only reveal insights into your site's traffic, but they provide performance indicators relative to your...

cmsdave Intermediate

Web Analytics for Higher Ed: Alternatives to Google Analytics

Many colleges and universities use the free version of Google Analytics (GA). However, not all users realize that the Google Analytics' free version does not include all of your site traffic data...

cmsdave All Levels

Web Experience Management

If your web site is just a web site, there's work to be done. All Levels

Women Technology Leadership Panel

We are fortunate to be joined by a great panel of technology leaders:, webchick, Atefeh Riazi All Levels

Writing About Drupal - Definitive Drupal 8

This is an excellent opportunity for Drupallers of all levels to get in on the bottom level of a great Drupal writing project.

BozHogan, Forest Mars, mlncn All Levels

Your First Drupal 8 Module

This presentation will start you on your journey into Drupal module development. It will show you the steps you need to take to make a simple but useful Drupal module.

tedbow All Levels


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