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A UN-focused review of the Able Organizer Drupal distro for NGOs/campaigns

AbleOrganizer is a community engagement platform designed to conduct fundraising, event registration, petition and volunteer engagement campaigns. With this Drupal distribution, organizations can create compelling websites that track engagements over time.

Beyond the basic features, AbleOrganizer provides a set of tools for managing contacts, keeping in touch through email, usability enhancements for the content management interface, and more. It integrates with other tools that are part of Drupal, simiplifying and streamlining the experience of managing data about your organization. The entire interface is designed to be customized.

Come learn more about AbleOrganizer from Michael Haggerty, Trellon's CEO and the lead architect for the system. He will discuss how to get started with the system, how it tracks information about contacts, how it generates reports, and how to scale the system to create new and unique features for your organization.

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