Accepting Bitcoin payments on your Drupal Commerce Website

BitPay & Coinbase integration

There are many advantages to adding Bitcoin support to your Drupal Commerce website. Unlike credit cards, Bitcoin is a technology designed for the Internet.

  • Bitcoin is a push technology. Within an hour payments are permanent. No risk of chargebacks.
  • Low fees - currently $0.05 per transaction and this will be even lower in future.
  • Receive funds instantly - no waiting for your payment processor to make a deposit.
  • Do business with any country in the world, e.g. Iran.
  • It gives you an advantage over the market incumbent, e.g. Amazon.
  • Very useful for marketing and SEO.
  • Potential to pay your suppliers with Bitcoin.
  • Accepting Bitcoin demonstrates that you are innovative.

This session will start with general information and advantages / disadvantages of Bitcoin, then I will demonstrate how to integrate Drupal Commerce with BitPay & Coinbase (two of the leading Bitcoin payment processors).

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