Big Data Drupal & Open PAAS

Howto Make a Big Data Drupal Open PAAS

Survey & demo big data, cloud, paas, api integrations of Big Data & Drupal, Aegir & DevShop


  • 5 mins intros and overview
  • 15 mins Nicholas Roberts on big data drupal & open paas with Proxmox
  • 15 mins Christopher Gervais Aegir project lead on Drupal open paas now and future with Aegir 3
  • 15 mins Jon Pugh on devshop, hubdrop and development as a service
  • 10 mins questions

Christopher Gervais

Presented by the Aegir Project Lead, Christopher Gervais

Check out the project's community site for documentation, discussions, etc.

Jon Pugh

  • mad scientist at Brooklyn's Thinkdrop
  • project lead on devshop Aegir based Drupal development environment (think open source Pantheon Multidev) 
  • creator of - GIT sync service

Nicholas Roberts

Nowadays I own a small farm in Sonoma County, in the San Francisco North Bay and work as webmaster for (This session has nothing to do with my day job)

Nicholas Roberts Big Data Drupal Presentation

  • Big Data Drupal Search with Nutch, Hadoop & Cloudera
  • Cloudera big data stack - Hadoop, Hue, Thrift, Impala, Hbase etc etc
  • Docker Open PAAS - Flynn, Deis
  • Proxmox, Synnefo, Ganeti, Xen Server API
  • Dockering Aegir for Drupal Heaven
  • Packer, Vagrant & Hashicorp 
  • Cloud PAAS - Acquia, Pantheon, Rackspace

NOTE: The Big Data Analytics & Workflow won't be in this presentation, that's for another talk, perhaps Badcamp 2014

  • 3Scale UN Data API - Womans Stats (NOT at nyccamp, eta tbd)
  • Rapidminer, Pentaho, Mulesoft, Talend, Bonita (NOT at nyccamp, eta tbd)

‚ÄčThis session is a follow-up to a Badcamp 2013 packed session

Big Data Drupal: Cloudera Hadoop, MapReduce, Nutch, Solr, Aegir BOA, Drupal 7 ApacheSolr Views


  • Nicholas Roberts | niccolo | 
  • Christopher Gervais | ergonlogic | Aegir project lead, aegir-up, vagrant-up, &
  • Jon Pugh | jonpugh | devshop &


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