A Bitcoin Paradigm in a Drupal World

In the past year Bitcoin has been in the media quite often and it's still a relatively new type of technology that is only a few years old. Much of the public still don't have a good understanding of this technology and how it has the potential to change the world.

As a Drupal developer, its imperative to understand this new form of money that is entirely digital and programmable. Many developers are still new to this and what possibilities it holds.

Currently the cryptocurrency space is akin to the dawn of the internet as it was back in 1994. Many didn't understand it and many companies fought it, but in the end those that understood the technology rose out of the chaos. Think of blockbuster and the encyclopedia. Where are they today?

What I'll be presenting:

- An Introduction to Bitcoin
  + What is Bitcoin?
  + How does Bitcoin work?
  + Securing your Bitcoins Properly
  + Brief Intro to Altcoins 

- Thinking differently in the Bitcoin space
  + Taking Payments in Bitcoin
  + Volatility
  + Deflation

- Potential Bitcoin + Drupal Implementations
  + Microtransactions
  + Equity Crowdfunding
  + Gambling & Gaming
  + More to come... 

Speaker Bio ( https://drupal.org/user/127758 | Linkedin Profile )
I've been a Drupal developer since 2007 and learned about Bitcoin in 2011. In the past 2 years I've helped incubate the Bitcoin NYC community by hosting meetups and teaching Bitcoin workshops. Having been in the scene for some time, I'd like to share my findings and immense opportunities this technology brings to the Drupal space. 

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