A Brief History of Drupal

As Drupal passes the 1,000,000 site mark, let’s pause to celebrate how we got here

Drupal 8 will be a breakthrough release for the community. To understand why, we’ll take a look back at the Drupal project’s origins. We will examine elements of Drupal’s code and user interface, the rationale behind specific development decisions, and the roadmap to the future.

In doing so, we will pay particular attention to the evolution of the LAMP stack and best practice development. (For example, did you know that Drupal is older than Git?)

In addition to looking at code, we’ll examine some of the cultural issues that Drupal has faced as it transitioned from a small hacker project to an enterprise-level software project.

Some of the topics that we’ll cover include:

  • A history of Object Oriented Drupal code.
  • A (very) brief history of PHP and the LAMP stack.
  • Why Drupal 8 made such a big technical leap.
  • What parts of Drupal remain unchanged.
  • The question of “Not Invented Here”.
  • The hacker and the enterprise.
  • How software projects react to exterior changes.
  • What makes open source project thrive.
  • How to contribute to the future of the project.


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