Cointools: Drupal & Bitcoin == $awesome

Satoshi's invention of the blockchain in 2009 is a revolutionary breakthrough in computer science. Everything has to be re-evaluated through this new lens. Suddenly it is possible to do things that were previously unimaginable.

The first application of the blockchain is money in the form of Bitcoin. We can now teleport money anywhere in the world without permission and for free. We can store our wealth without it being continually devalued by government and banks. There is no centralized ledger any more.

To accept Bitcoin payments on your Drupal site, services such as BitPay or Coinbase are a great choice, but Bitcoin startups are typically doing much more interesting things than that.

Cointools is a suite of modules that I have written to integrate Drupal 8 with Bitcoin:

  • Cointools
    • Address Field - validates Bitcoin address, renders as payment link or QR code
    • Amount Field - selectable units, displays proper Bitcoin currency symbol
    • Transaction Field - stores transaction ids and displays information retrieved from bitcoind
  • Fiat - converts bitcoin amounts into fiat currencies
  • Daemon - facilitates bidirectional communication with bitcoind

Attendees will learn how to use all the functionality of the module and along the way learn more about Bitcoin.

Drupal 8 is going to be an incredible platform for startups. I want to ensure that it is the number one platform for Bitcoin startups.

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