A Complete Guide to Being the Best Drupal Shop on the Planet

With so many Drupal services organizations cropping up every day, everyone is faced with the challenge of understanding how they can separate themselves from the pack with limited resources, time, and money. Have you ever asked yourself, "How can I possibly be as awesome as [Insert Awesome Drupal Shop Here]?" - Then, this session is for you.

Calling all freelancers, Drupal agencies, and consultants! Join webkenny and his (always) zany cast of characters for this interactive session where you'll learn:

  • The basics of being awesome. (Hint: You already are.)
  • A sales lifecycle that actually, well, sells.
  • Security like the "big companies" do it.
  • How to manage knowledge in your organization.
  • Using automation instead of developer cloning. (Which is evil)
  • Quality, not quantity. Effective review practices that reduce client budgets.
  • Sleeping with the neighbors?! How to create effective partnerships.
  • Doing all of this without breaking the bank.

You'll learn all of that and more as we delve into the services, process, and tips to make your shop the most awesome on the planet.

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All Levels
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Lead Partners

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