Designing Spaces for Drupal

This session has been not been scheduled by the session moderation team. Sorry we couldn't fit it! Please note: In many cases declined simply indicates the speaker has another session that was previously accepted for inclusion.

This session is a design-focused look at how to approach a variety of different kinds of spaces and how Drupal integrates spaces both large and small. How can we use space to our advantage when designing, theming, and building sites? What are some easy ways to improve a design quickly by focusing on spaces?

  • What do designers say about space?
  • Considering space as well as content
  • Starting small: Pixels, kerning, and leading
  • Another look at the box model
  • Whitespace and negative space
  • Space in grids and layouts
  • Space in usability and UX
  • Drupal spaces and theming

This session is intended for site builders and developers who are hoping to hone a better design eye and to rethink the way they design. You will leave this session with some ways to approach design differently and from other points of view.

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