The Discovery Channel

how clients and agencies can tune in to prime time programming

Content Management System: the name makes bold claims.
Can an organization can inject all its content this a magic box, see it sifted through a new system of management, and put a bow on it?

As agencies, we know planning and strategy will be required.
We need to answer some really big problems – the ones that will define a projects' success!

Before we jump into data models like content types, fields, or custom entities we engage in Discovery.

Discovery isn't requirements gathering. It is one of many periods of structured conversation on common ground with the client whose outcomes seek to help realize the project.

In this talk we will think about how Agencies and Clients can augment one another to DELIVER VALUE to the User.

We'll audit the tools at our disposal in Discovery, and case study how to select the right one(s) for the job?

This talk will focus on discovery.

We will talk process.

There will be philosophizing.
There will be (some) humor.

Here are the buzzwords you are looking for:

  • agile
  • RFPs, briefs, proposals
  • workshops
  • analytics
  • user stories
  • personas
  • content strategy
  • documentation
  • prototypes
  • user testing
  • UX
  • IA
  • style tiles
  • compliance
  • design artifacts
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All Levels
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