DKAN: The Open Data Distribution for Drupal

Open data publishing is a hot global technology trend, and a business priority in government and the private sector alike.  As of 2013, New York City and State and the US Federal government all have legal mandates to release data online in open machine-readable formats.  

The leading software platforms used to manage open data have often been integrated with Drupal, as in the case of and, previously, so that both CMS and "DMS" data management functions are available in a single end-user-experience website.  However, managing Drupal "side-by-side" with non-Drupal software can be complicated and expensive.

Therefore, we built "DKAN," a Drupal distribution that mimics the features and API of leading open data platforms natively within the single LAMP stack of Drupal. DKAN ( makes it easier and cheaper for governments that already use Drupal to get started with open standards compliant open data publishing.   It now runs public open data portals in places like Cologne ( and Puerto Rico (  

DKAN's features include a full suite of cataloging, publishing and visualization features that allows governments and nonprofit organizations to easily publish data to the public.

The DKAN Dataset and DKAN Datastore modules make it possible to publish open datasets in any existing Drupal site that are compliant with both the Project Open Data and DCAT Open Data specifications.

This session will review popular Open Data publishing tools, tools and strategies for publishing Open Data using Drupal, and the future of Open Data publishing in Drupal and the DKAN project including a PaaS version of DKAN branded as NuData.

Come learn how you can use DKAN and Drupal to start managing your data as well as you manage your content and community.  

We will answer the following questions:What is Open Data?

What are the Best Strategies for Publishing Open Data using Drupal?

What Features does DKAN Provide to Help Publish Open Data?

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