Drupal and the adaptive interface

There has been a lot of activity recently in the Drupal community and elsewhere around personalization and targeting as used by marketers to generate traffic or conversions on their sites. What is less often mentioned is how the tools we are building to personalize sites for end users can also be used to create what I call an Adaptive Interface, for administrators or content authors.

When I say Adaptive I'm not talking about how the site adapts to the device, I'm talking about how the application adapts to the user. For years in design and usability we have struggled to create interfaces that balance the needs of a variety of users, constantly making compromises that ultimately lead to applications that are moderately useful for many but not perfect for anyone. Now in Drupal—with the introduction of some very powerful tools and modules—we have the opportunity to track everything an administrative user does, learn from that data, and re-structure the interface itself around the interests, tasks and skill level of that specific user.

This session will explore possible tools and approaches to achieving a minimally viable adaptive interface in Drupal both from a technical and usability perspective. There will be an even balance between presentation and QA, so come with ideas and expect them to be discussed.


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