Drupal for Bi-Directional Publishing: Web-to-Print and Print-to-Web

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For many traditional publishers, it can take years to effect the transition in fully embracing digital. Many have made the move to sites with responsive designs but are still struggling with interal workflow challenges.

We used to focus on getting the print edition out the door first, then updating the website. Now we often update the website first, before further developing and adapting the content for a print format. Then again, sometimes it's the other way around... and other times these channels run in parallel. So, how should all this be managed? What are the best practices? How can we streamline the web publishing process?

In this Digital Publishing & Media Summit presentation, we'll examine the needs of the small-to-medium size publisher relative to web publishing workflows with Drupal. We'll look at ways to bridge the gap between the print and web workflows, and we'll show how Drupal can be positioned at the center.

Topics will include:

  • Putting the Drupal CMS at the center of the publishing workflow
  • How to integrate Adobe InDesign/InCopy with Drupal
  • Setting up Editorial Workflows in Drupal
  • Considerations for using Workbench Module
  • Content Syndication and Reuse across Multiple Web Properties 
  • Integrating the Drupal CMS with Email Newsletters 
  • Mobile content consumption
The presentation will include a newspaper use case based on the website of the Vineyard Gazette (mvgazette.com) – a Drupal-based platform that recently won a Top Website Award from the New England Newspaper and Press Association (NENPA).

About the Speaker

Dave Sawyer is a Solutions Architect at OHO Interactive – a proud sponsor of NYC Camp 2014. Dave specializes in architecting multi-site solutions and scoping large Drupal projects – with specific expertise in solutions for publishers, higher ed institutions, and online communities. Dave is proud to be an individual member of the Drupal Association and has given talks at numerous regional Drupal conferences and meet-ups including Drupaldelphia and DrupalCamp New Jersey. He has 15 years experience in web development and has been developing with Drupal since version 5. Previously, Dave worked as a consultant for book publishers, newspapers, magazines, and industry blogs with clients including Adobe Systems, Bloomsbury Publishing, and The Vineyard Gazette. You can follow him on Twitter at @cmsdave.


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