!Drupal: The Meteor Framework

This talk is about something different: Meteor, a JavaScript web framework. Here are some of the cooler things about it:

- Everything is real-time, by default. If something in the database changes, it is automatically updated on every client, no reloads necessary.
- Everything is JavaScript. Both the server and the client run JavaScript.
- You can access the database straight from the client. Very convenient for writing client code. Security-wise, the server can filter client accesses.

Want to try out Meteor? Come to this talk and see what you think. We will do a hands-on introduction, and have some time for experimenting (and questions) afterward. I’ll also briefly go over the relationship between Meteor and Drupal (One? Both? Which one should I use?).

This talk explains a basic understanding JavaScript. It doesn't need to be much. An understanding of the DOM APIs wouldn't hurt, but you should be able to make do without it.

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