Extending Personalization with personalize.module plug-ins.

Over the past year, Acquia has been working on building a set of functionality for doing personalization, testing and targeting for both anonymous and authenticated users in Drupal. The modules that have been developed are used by Acquia Lift, but we built them as an independent, pluggable framework which can be used for a variety of purposes.

In this session, Kat Bailey and Dave Ingram will explain the overall architecture of Personalize.module, sub modules, and related modules (such as Visitor Actions Module), and then dive into the code and show how several different kinds of plug-ins can extend the functionality to personalize different kinds of things, render them in different ways, and extend the User Context that's available to marketers and site builders for building personalization rules.

Kat Bailey is the lead engineer for Lift at Acquia, and Dave Ingram is a solutions architect at Acquia who has been heavily involved in the project from day one.

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