Internationalization: Music to Our Ears

Launching a multilingual website for the massess to support the 14th annual LatinGRAMMY Awards

Achieve was contracted by The Latin Recording Academy to migrate their previous site to an updated framework. Achieve leveraged the pre-existing foundation built by Lullabot for The GRAMMY website, but needed to incorporate multilingual functionality. The Latin Recording Academy now has a significantly more stable foundation with which to build upon. 

This session will share detailed aspects of every step required for us to enhance the overall User Experience (UX) by migrating the LatinGRAMMY website to the new platform, increasing user engagement and expanding LatinGRAMMYs marketability, while broadening its reach to a global audience. Additioanlly, the session will cover the topic Multilingual development including Globalization and Localization.

The new cutting edge look of The LatinGRAMMY site gives users a more positive and memorable UX. Along with being Mobile Responsive, the site now gives users the option to view the site in English, Spanish or Portuguese, which was a key initiative for the Latin GRAMMYs given their large international audience base.

  • The LatinGRAMMYs Before
  • The Challenge
    • Poor UX
    • Limited Translation Abilities
  • The Solution
    • Multilingual Support
    • Panels
  • The LatinGRAMMYs After
    • Great UX
    • Multilingual Support
    • Responsive Theme

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