Introducing UN's ReliefWeb API: Where Humanitarian Data, Drupal & Content APIs unite

Over the past 17 years, more than 5,000 humanitarian organizations have supplied United Nation’s ReliefWeb with 540,000 pieces of humanitarian related information to their Drupal 7 site. In an effort to open source this information, ReliefWeb created an API with all this aggregated data and partnered with Development Seed and Phase2 to launch the API platform. The API was built to empower developers to create applications to share humanitarian efforts and encourage participation in these efforts.

Join ReliefWeb, Development Seed and Phase2 to learn how this API driven platform was developed and how it can be used to create open source humanitarian applications. Topics that will be discussed during this panel session include:

  • Using the Drupal site to supply and manage API content
  • Why we got off the Drupal island
  • Why we used Elastic Search over SOLR
  • What tactics we took to design & document the API to encourage developers to use it
  • What tools can be used to explore the API e.g. curl, JQ, postman, other browser extensions
  • What does an example application built with the API look like?
  • What other data sources and APIs can be mixed together to create humanitarian data mashups?
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Case Study
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