"Lush life"

Bringing Drupal and Content Driven Commerce to a Global Retail Brand

Lush is one of the best known brands in the UK and has over 500 shops in 50 countries around the World.
For the last year the company has been undergoing a digital makeover with a new UK website powered by Drupal Commerce launched last week.

This has been one of the most ambitious Drupal Commerce projects undertaken so far and was achieved with the joint efforts of Lush Digital, i-KOS, CommerceGuys, Method and Acquia.

Unfortunately, the proximity of the launch means I can't make it in person to the UN but I will be presenting the story of this project over a live video link.

Amongst other things I'll be talking about:

* Technology selection - how Drupal won over the Lush Digital team
* Content Driven Commerce - how the powerful stories behing the Lush brand enhance their e-commerce experience
* The Live Style Guide - how it enabled us to deliver a Drupal project with a design led approach
* Implementation - how the choice of Drupal Commerce paid off during the project
* Lessons Learnt - how we have evolved our process during the project

I'll take questions at the end of the session and am looking forward to sharing this experience with you.

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