Responsive E-mail Design and Theming

An intensive look at responsive e-mail design and theming in Drupal. How can we design e-mails responsively so they work across all clients? What are some of the limitations we face in coding responsive e-mails? We'll delve into some of the issues surrounding responsive e-mail and its HTML/CSS, cross-client compatibility, and seamless integration with Drupal modules that allow for great leeway in theming. We'll also talk about useful tips and tools for coding e-mails.

  • Why responsive e-mail?
  • HTML and CSS for e-mail
  • Designing and laying out e-mails
  • Media queries and responsive behavior in e-mails
  • Cross-client compatibility
  • Issues facing e-mail code
  • A look at mailer modules (Mime Mail, etc.)
  • Theming e-mails in Drupal
  • The future of responsive e-mail

This session is intended for Drupal themers and designers interested in learning more about how to design, publish, and send well-designed and themed responsive e-mails. 

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