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Aaron Winborn is a Drupal developer on the Advomatic team who in recent years was diagnosed with ALS. He has been putting up a valiant fight against this condition and NYC Camp wants to help his efforts.

Aaron is an exemplary member of the Drupal community and a prolific contributor to the community. In addition to being a great coder, he regularly attended and participated at meet-ups/events, he authored a book, and is an all around great guy. If new community members are looking for a standard to strive for, Aaron would be it.

NYC Camp is working to help support Aaron and his family in several ways, and we want everyone attending to do the same:

    • Donations in Lieu of Tickets: We've worked hard to keep NYC Camp 100% free for all attendees, so there's no need to buy tickets. In lieu of a ticket purchase, we're encouraging all attendees to make a contribution to Aaron's trust -- even a few dollars from each us will make a huge impact if we all contribute. You can do so here:
    • Donation Matching: We're enouraging sponsors to match the above donations made in lieu of tickets. For instance, you could offer to match up to $500 in donations if we're able raise that much through the above effort.
    • Media Summit Donation: We are donating 100% of the media summit sponsorship to Aaron's trust, since Aaron has been an instrumental contributor to media in Drupal (see his presentation here from DrupalCon Chicago: or his appearance on the Lullabot podcast). 

NYC Camp is also planning to continue this initiative in 2015 in order to help the Drupal community give back to Aaron. Without Aaron's efforts media in Drupal would be nowhere near where it is today, and as Dries noted in Portland this is the next big thing in Drupal. Now it's our turn to say thanks to Aaron by giving back. Please help NYC Camp pay it foward.

Click here to contribute to his trust today!

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