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Productivity Tools for Drupal Developers: PhpStorm
Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 10:00am to 11:45am

JetBrains is now an official technology partner of the Drupal Association and their popular PhpStorm IDE is quickly becoming the de facto standard amongst Drupal core developers. Isn't it time you found out what all the hype is about?

Out of the box, PhpStorm removes the tediousness from refactoring and debugging and provides tools that allow us to analyze and visualize the structure and quality of code. With minimal configuration, it becomes a Drupal powerhouse; significantly reducing the time it takes to develop standards-compliant modules and themes.

Skills learned in this lab:

  • Setting up PhpStorm 7 to work on your Drupal 7 project.
  • Installing and using Live Templates to quickly implement Drupal 7 hooks.
  • Using xDebug to speed up module and theme development.
  • Using PHPCodeSniffer to write standards-compliant code.
  • Refactoring using PhpStorm's built-in tools.
  • Useful plugins, shortcuts, and other miscellaneous tools, tips and tricks.

We'll start off by installing PhpStorm and setting up a fresh Drupal 7 project. After configuring the project settings to Drupal coding standards, we'll demonstrate Live Templates by building a simple custom module. This module will probably contain some bugs and that'll give us an opportunity to setup xDebug and step through the code visually in the IDE. Next we'll demonstrate some of the more powerful refactoring features that are making PhpStorm the IDE of choice for many core developers. And finally, we'll discuss some useful plugins (like Vim emulation mode), answer any questions, and trade other useful tips and tricks.

Attendees should be familiar with Drupal 7 basics, should have a local development site/server already configured, and should have a version of PhpStorm 7 installed. 30-day trials are available. JetBrains also offers an extended trial to beta testers through their Early Access Program.


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